Welcome to The Belly Up Show!

Imagine wandering into a bar in any city in the world. You say hello to the bartender, order a drink and survey the scene. Once you get settled in you strike up a conversation with those around you. That’s The Belly Up Show. It’s all about unedited, unadulterated and absolutely uncensored conversation about sports, the days activities, some politics, maybe a little religion (or lack thereof) and generally anything that comes to mind. Above all, The Belly Up Show is about entertainment. We are here to have fun, to let down our guard, possibly argue a bit and say what’s on our minds. We invite you to participate. Join the fun and spread the word as we invite you to Belly Up with us.

Grab a beer, scotch, a shot or some other poison and join us as we Belly Up.



Robert Weston Smith – JW was born January 31, 1938 in Brooklyn, NY.

Robert JW has had a long career in broadcasting going by many different names including “Daddy Jules”. starting at twelve years old Robert JW began his career in radio. As his popularity grew so did his reach. For a time he worked at a station in Mexico that broadcast with such a high powered signal he was heard all over North America and beyond.

With his popularity he was able to pitch many products including a pill called Florex which was billed as a labido enhancer. He would say Florex provided “Some zing for your ling nuts”. He pitched everything from baby chicks to dog food.

During his time on the radio he became a cult figure. with his howling antics his popularity grew. He even appeared  as himself in the movie American Graffiti.

Like Willy Loman, Robert JW has been relegated to doing this two bit podcast from some nondescript basement in the middle of the country.



Hawaii born and raised, Smitty is extremely fortunate to not only have grown up in the most beautiful place in the world, but one of the most diverse as well. Hawaii is the ultimate melting pot leaving Smitty with an endless craving to experience and learn about new cultures. Through these experiences Smitty is in a constant battle with himself regarding political and religious views. He is a serial entrepreneur who battles his ADHD everyday and his endless curiosity leads to a lot of anxiety.  He stole his life motto from Ayn Rand  “If its worth doing, its worth overdoing”
Smitty’s passions are entrepreneurship, cordial banter,  travel and hunting/fishing.


Former Radio DJ, Professional Golfer, Prison Guard, voice over talent, Golf Coach, Uber Driver, Caddy, and too many other things to mention turned salesman and happy to find a new home with the Belly Up Show.  I’m almost 40, married and have a daughter under 1 year old. Excited to be back “on the air”.