Pappy Van Winkle

Pappy Van Winkle
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Pappy Van what? You’re telling me you want me to pay upwards of 2k for an $80 bottle of 20-year old Kentucky Bourbon?

Sounds crazy right? A friend of mine bought a bottle for his brother last Christmas. He searched and searched and eventually stumbled across a bottle he decided was in his price range. I am quite sure the price he paid is well beyond what most of us would spend on a gift for a brother or sister. I hope my friend’s brother knows how much he loves him.

The frenzy has gotten so crazy Robb Report has a Pappy Van Winkle experience included in their December issue which would cost the recipient $200,000. Obviously, this “gift” is beyond the reach of the vast majority of folks to afford. Consider the package includes private air travel, a table at Millionaires Row for the 2015 Kentucky Derby, a barrel of Buffalo Trace Bourbon which will be bottled personally for the buyer and multiple bottles of Pappy Van Winkle in various distillations. Is the package starting to sound worthy of the price now?

Once something in limited quantity begins to develop a demand there is no telling where the price might go. You cannot simply make more. This stuff was bottled between 10 and 23 years ago. It doesn’t help some nefarious person or group of persons made off with 65 cases of the stuff back in 2013. This is the stuff legends are made of. Anyone have any idea of something we can bottle today that might be worth a ton of cash some 15 to 20 years from now?

I’m not sure why I’m even writing about this stuff. You see, I am really just a simple beer drinker from Milwaukee. I tried to develop a palette for bourbon and scotch several years ago to no avail. I understand, “it’s an acquired taste”, but I’m not sure I would even pay the $80 retail price for a bottle if it was available.

However, if someone out there decides to send me a bottle for the holidays, and yes this includes my brother, I can promise you I will find a way to drink it. Anyone?

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